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Articles: Recognitions


Here you can find the articles I have written throughout my advocacy period to enlighten the public about current issues.



26. maí 2023

As chair of the Icelandic Environment Association I wrote a piece along with the Chair of the Icelandic consumer association on how electricity for the public should be prioritized and that the public should not have to compete with heavy energy consumers for energy prices and availability.


20. mars 2023

Plans to seek all of the energy needed to do a successful energy exchange further into the natural resources  reminds me of past plans of what is called the Lang Stærsti Draumurinn or LSD. roughly translated to by far the biggest dream. Those plans were to make a big reservoir submerging most of the Northeastern highlands. 


14. December 2021

Nature conservation and climate change mitigations are paralyzed by the dream of win-win solutions. Win-Win solutions do not exist and we need to decide who will pay for the necessary changes. Great insights I got from a lecture from Bhaskar Vira applied to Icelandic politics. 


20. May 2021

Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir is Minister of Justice in Iceland. She stated that organized crime is increasing in Iceland and said we needed to have more restrictions at the border. the article compares the crime happening in Iceland compared to the crime of deporting refugees back to Greece when they apply for asylum in Iceland.


18. March 2021

Plans to build a 220kV power line on the Reykjanes Peninsula do not follow environmental law. Details of why and the responsibility that lies on the developer and the municipalities at stake.


09. March 2021

Article written as a part of a campaign from the Fridays for Future movement in Iceland aiming to raise awarness of the climate crisis. The article links together why we want to limit global warming to 1,5°C, to make sure that we minimize the harm we are causing the eco-systems. Solutions to reducing CO2 emissions that othervise cause harm to the eco-systems adds insults to injury.


10. December 2020

Article co-written with the leader of the youth group in the 4x4 club Baldvin Ari Jóhannesson. The discussion on the law-proposal from the Minister of Environment has been marked by oppositions between two groups who have a lot in common. We all care deeply for the Icelandic highlands. The Icelandic Youth Environmental Association list why they support the law-proposal and the 4x4 youth group list why they are against it. The two groups then list what they agree on.


19. October 2020

Is the Governance in absolute Shambles? An article about why the governance in Iceland is not capable of dealing with climate change when there is not enough communication between the municipal and national levels. A recent example revolves around a tax the government failed to place on waste going into landfills.


16. October 2020

In Iceland, a lot of energy goes towards talking about disappearing glaciers. Climate change has far more catastrophic results in refugees and critical conditions closer to the equator and we are responsible. An article that talks mostly about the Kiribati Islands and the emergency they are facing even when they are not large contributors to carbon emissions.


17. September 2020

Þórdís Kolbrún I want to see an power and energy plan for Iceland. An article about the chaotic turns Icelandic politics take around energy and power buisness in iceland due to no clear plan for power.


31. March 2020

Controversial plans to build the Hvalárvirkjun power plant in Iceland’s West Fjords—a large peninsula in the country’s remote northwest—have alarmed youth activists. The plans involve damming three different rivers near the municipality of Árneshreppur to produce 55 megawatts of power. Þorgerður María Þorbjarnardóttir is worried the project will destroy unique wilderness areas irreversibly. She objects to her generation having no say in the matter while the municipality’s population of 43 (and others who stand to profit) make all the decisions.


4. February 2020

National Park for the Future. What are the advantages and disadvantages in making the Icelandic highlands as a whole a national park and why we should do it.
Co-witten by Egill Ö. Hermannsson


20. November 2019

Citizen-meeting and then what? An article that talks about a citizen-meeting that was held on national TV and I wonder what is the desired outcome from such a meeting. It's not enough to talk about why climate change is happening and who from the past is responsible. We need to look at our emissions and act now.


30. Oktober 2019

I am getting real tired of being told I don't understand something that I am well familiar with. Articles about how youth are often underestimated and expected to make their own voice in the complex system of Icelandic governance. In the article I emphasise that young activists can and should have more self confidence in advocating for what they care about.

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